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Boudoir with Ivey Photo

The Step-by-Step Process

You come for photos.

You leave empowered.

We provide an EXPERIENCE as much we provide a photo session.

We believe that Boudoir is LAVISH self care, and we are excited to have you in our space as you sit, slow down, and allow us to remind you of the badass babe you are.



1. Consultation

Whether it's on the phone or in person at the studio, the first step is getting on the calendar for a Consultation. We can discuss your goals for the session, whether this is a gift or for yourself, and we can select a date for your session. 

2. Session

You come to the studio and settle in for your self care session! You'll start in hair and makeup (included in your session fee), and then we get to work in the studio for your session. The amount of time you spend in the studio depends on the session fee you choose.

318767562_1576941852730228_6808439638925226036_n (1).jpg

3. Gallery Reveal

This is MY favorite part! This is when you see your images for the first time. I LOVE to do gallery reveals in the studio so I can see your face when you see your gallery, but I can send the gallery online and schedule a Zoom date for us to go over it together. (Helpful for my ladies who travel to come see me!!)

4. Product Delivery

YOUR favorite part! You get to see yourself as the beautiful masterpiece you truly are. 

Seeing your image in tangible form truly lets the experience hit home and becomes a way to relive your experience over and over until you come back! (And we REALLY hope you come back!)


Click HERE to fill out our inquiry form and get an exclusive New Client Welcome Guide that goes through the above steps in great detail + includes ALL PRICING INFO!


BOOK NOW | Use this contact form to book your boudoir session. 

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