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Boudoir with Ivey Photo

The Step-by-Step Process


You come for photos.

You leave empowered.

We provide an EXPERIENCE as much we provide a photo session.

We believe that Boudoir is LAVISH self care, and we are excited to have you in our space as you sit, slow down, and allow us to remind you of the badass babe you are.

Boudoir Booking Basics


1. Consultation

Whether it's on the phone or in person at the studio, the first step is getting on the calendar for a Consultation. We can discuss your goals for the session, whether this is a gift or for yourself, and we can select a date for your session. 

2. Session

You come to the studio and settle in for your self care session! You'll start in hair and makeup (about an hour), and then we get to work in the studio for your session. The amount of time you spend in the studio starts at 2 1/2 hours.


3. Gallery Reveal

This is MY favorite part! This is when you see your images for the first time. I LOVE to do gallery reveals in the studio so I can experience the reveal with you. It can be an emotional experience or one full of joy, and it's so much fun! I also understand that lives can be hectic, so I can arrange for digital delivery as well. This is a great option for those who travel to visit the studio.

4. Product Delivery

This is often my clients' favorite part. Seeing yourself memorialized in tangible art is the finale of your experience. All products are custom designed, so seeing your design come to life is a magical process.


Next Steps...


Inquire | Consult | Book

Boudoir Photography is an intimate and vulnerable experience, and you want to make sure that you feel comfortable with your photographer. Most clients find in the beginning that they are ready to inquire, consult, or book. Whatever stage you are in, your next step in the process is detailed below.


If you are still deciding if Boudoir is right for you...




Click HERE to fill out our inquiry form and request our Basic Boudoir Information Guide, or let us know what specific questions you may have.

If you know you want to do Boudoir but are still searching for the right photographer...




Click HERE to access my Consultation calendar. I will give you a call at our appointed time, and I will give you some background on me + the studio, and we can talk about any concerns, questions, or fears you have related to boudoir.


If you are SOLD and know that I am YOUR boudoir photographer, I am HONORED, and you can go right on and


Book Your Session


CLICK HERE for Weekday Availability

CLICK HERE for Weekend Availability


CLICK HERE for Info on Bridal Boudoir Packages - Slimmed Down Versions of our Luxury Services 
*must have a wedding or vow renewal within 1 year of session*

Click Here to learn how to bring the Studio to You

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