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5 Top Songs for Couples Boudoir | 90s R&B Slow Jams Edition

I have recently added on Couples Boudoir for my established clients, and we are having so much fun in these sessions, but one thing I've come to find... NOTHING works to get the session going better than a kick ass playlist. I personally think that there is no better genre on earth for boudoir than women rappers and 90s slow grooves, but especially when it comes to couples... There's just something about a buttery melody and some sensual lyrics set to a groovin' tempo to get my clients to forget I am snapping pictures, even if for just a moment.

Here are my 5 top favorite 90s R&B Slow Jams for your Couples Boudoir playlist - in the order I would play them during my shoot!

1 | Slow Jam by Usher + Monica

The song title itself makes this one a strong contender, but it's the groove of the song that makes it such an easy choice for a boudoir playlist. But the lyrics are actually really sweet - it's just a song about meeting someone and the magic of a first dance with someone you feel an intense initial attraction to. But you'll find yourself busting out a little hip action to the beat, and it's a great intro song to get the session going.

2 | One in a Million by Aaliyah

As if I would EVER include any 90s R&B list and not include Queen Aaliyah. "One in a Million" is such a great song and tops many "Best of the 90s" lists, but I love the sweet message of the song about being truly devoted to one person above all others. If you listen to the lyrics and start singing them along to your partner, you wouldn't be the first AND it can create some pretty sweet moments.

3 | "Red Light Special" by TLC

When we are starting to get comfortable and ready to take the heat up, the playlist has a little shift. This is THE song to create the shift. There is no subtlety to the lyrics "just come through my door, take off my clothes," and it creates a certain energy that is vital for those faces I need y'all to make at each other. (You know the ones.)

This is also a fun song to use if you ever want to try any special lighting effects. It makes a natural time to tell a little joke and incorporate the song. (Even Dad jokes work when people are in their undies with a camera pointed at them. Trust me.)

4 | "Nobody" by Keith Sweat + Athena Cage

Everybody has their ultimate middle school dance throwback song, and this is one of mine. And I'm also wondering what in the absolute hell they were doing letting us listen to this in middle school at dances, but I digress.

And I'm a feminist first, so I'm gonna go on a tiny rant here... Many women artists in the 90s were overlooked. Athena Cage, IN MY HUMBLE OPINION, gets very little credit on this track, so SAY HER NAME. She delivers some killer vocals on this one and steady matches Keith Sweat lick by lick. If you want to show your partner that they are the ONLY one you desire, this song is a perfect fit and that's why it's a CLOSE second favorite on the list. But my favorite is...

5 | "Any Time, Any Place" by Janet Jackson

One of the most sensual songs of maybe the last 100 years is from MISS Janet Jackson in her 1993 song "Any Time, Any Place".

Y'all... I don't care what someone's musical preference is or what kind of stuff they are into, THIS SONG IS MAGICAL. It works every, single time to get my clients in the right frame of mind for the most sensual, up close shots. I like to save this song towards the end of my sessions, because I can easily loop it and play it again without it losing much of the drive due to its melodic quality. Also, the light rain sound as the song comes on and exits has a calming quality that I think helps my clients to naturally relax - another reason why I like to use it towards the end of the shoot.

Plus, after this song plays and you get those more intimate, up close shots, they may be ready to leave. ;-)

And THAT is my top 5 list for R&B 90s Slow Jams to use for your upcoming Couples Boudoir Photoshoot! Music has always been a special love of mine, and I had so much fun putting this list together. Tell me what other lists you'd like to see in the comments below.

And if you're ever curious what we're playing in the studio, search for in Apple Music Playlists to see our current track list!

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